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Fear of Flying Hypnosis in Sunderland, Durham, Newcastle, Hartlepool & the North East.

Fear of flying is quite a common phobia and we have helped many customers overcome this by hypnotherapy.
If you have a fear of flying and are going on holiday wouldn't it be great to have a smooth and relaxing flight?
In fact there are some people who do not go on a sunny holiday abroad due to the fear of flying.
If you do manage to get on board, perhaps of peer pressure from the other half, but still dreading every minute of it, and spending most of the time before and after worrying about it.
That’s no fun is it?

One exposure to a stimulus such as turbulence or rough air flight is sufficient to bring on a fear of flying which can be embedded subconsciously and is known as flying phobia.

The common symptoms of fear of flying are rapid breathing, feeling short of oxygen, nausea, thumping heart, sweating, weak legs and the constant urge to get away from the environment.
Well it doesn’t have to be like this as hypnotherapy has a high success rate and this phobia can be greatly reduced or removed.

* Disclaimer: result varies from person to person

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“Hi Maureen, just want to say thank you so much for helping me to get over my fear of flying. I used to dread holidays and get myself into such a state even faking illness at times. I can’t believe how one hypnosis session with a CD has changed my life so much. I had the best holiday ever as I wasn’t worried about the flight back, amazing.”

Jack S.
Sunderland, Tyne & Wear

Fear of Flying Hypnosis

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